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3U "Desert Gecko" uninterruptible power supply

Rugged armored portable UPS chassis:


The ExoCage Field Protection Armor features:

  • Fully sealed
  • 40Ah at 28V  
  • Configurable outputs
  • 2000+ charging cycles
  •  Field Transport Case


The PCI Systems DesertGecko UPS 1000  combines the latest uninterruptible Power Supply developments in UPS power and Lithium iron phosphate(Li-FePO4) battery technology. It delivers more than 650 watts of uninterrupted power for deployed and mobile systems—having the smallest footprint in the industry today and is available in a 1/2 ATR size and horizontal radio type mount.

>  Highly Versatile

The DesertGecko UPS 1000  has an advanced, wide working temperature range from -20℃ to +70℃, extremely cold and hot weather will not affect its performance. High safety supervisory circuits guarantee that no fire and explosion can occur in overcharge tests at up to 40V and in short-circuit tests, the unit survives without damage.

A long life cycle of more than 2000 charging times means high availability in environments where power supply problems are present.

The unit offers full power conditioning in low-quality power environments and lightning protection in harsh weather. Additional features include the latest in lithium ion battery technology, embedded battery power management and charging circuitry.

>  Feature Rich

The DesertGecko UPS 1000 offers a wide range of features, including full EMI shielding, thermostat-controlled fans (ATR chassis), replaceable dust filters, embedded shelf remote management and power fault signaling and over-voltage protection circuitry.

>  Tough

The DesertGecko UPS 1000 meets the battlefield environmental specifications of MIL-STD-810F. The solid core batteries reduce leakage risk, eliminating HAZMAT and environmental concerns and facilitating shipment by air or ground without restriction.

>  and Small

Designed for deployed and industrial applications where size and weight matter most, the DesertGecko UPS 1000 packs a large amount of power in a small package.


  • PCI_800.460.UPS           28V 40A 3U unit


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