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3U VITA 62 VPX 500W 28VDC (9-36V) Isolated Conduction Cooled Smart Power Supply

3U VITA 62 VPX 500W 28VDC 9-36V Isolated Conduction Cooled Smart Power Supply


  • VITA 62 Compliant 3U VPX power supply
  • Built to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-704F compliant
  • Increased holdup time for MIL-STD-1250 Ground Vehicle compliance can be provided by VITA 62.1 add-on module slot
  • Transient look ahead/cut-off technology
  • MIL-STD-461 EMI input filtering
  • Full 6-Channel outputs
  • I2C interface for Status & Control
  • LED status indicators
  • 95% Typical Efficiency

This 3U power supply works with 9Vto 36 VDC (28VDC nominal) input voltage and isolates the input voltage ground from the output voltage ground. The power supply is conduction cooled, uses polyphase technology on all voltage rails and can provide up to 500 watts. It is suitable for use in mission critical rugged applications.


PCI-Systems Inc. [SMART.PSU] technology integrates a microcontroller (MCU) for a fully programmable and flexible solution. Intelligent power conversion allows configuration and reconfiguration for different applications.

With intelligent power conversion, the power supply becomes a platform solution for many different applications. The power supply can easily be reprogrammed to support different operating limits and control inputs. <[SMART.PSU] Technology in detail>


  • Input power management (Vin, Iin, Pin)
  • Output power management for all rails (Vout, Iout, Pout)
  • Configurable input Under-Voltage and Over-Voltage protection
  • Remote temperature sensing with programmable warning and shutdown thresholds
  • Remote ON/OFF all rails
  • Internal voltage drift compensation over temperature
  • All voltage rails are ready for parallel PS
  • VS1, VS2, VS3 rails have load share capability
  • Possibility of external switching frequency synchronization 
  • I2C/SMBus interface and PMBus compliant command structure
  • Internal EEPROM memory for identification data and user specific data




  • PCI_800.107     3U VITA 62 VPX 500W isolated power supply


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