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Have a look at our upgraded PSUs for 2018, with inputs from 10-270V // AC 45-450Hz // 1- and 3-phase AC versions as well as the matching hold-up modules. Hold-up modules can be used with most VITA 62 PSUs. 


NEWS Q2 2018

New card guides for 3U and 6U extender products released


NEWS Q1 2018

270V Vita 62 power supply design superior to Vita 86 in cost and functions 


  • 700W and 1000W cPCI air cooled Smart PSU
  • Test boards for VITA62 power supplies 3U and 6U
  • Solid State Power Rail Controllers
  • RAID48 microATR chassis with sustained 5TB/sec throughput


PCI Systems Inc. manufactures a variety of rugged modular conduction cooled chassis as well as 19” and 19” 1/2 form factor enclosures and a full range of 3U and 6U COTS modules for VPX , VITA 73 and CPCI applications.


An assortment of lab chassis with DSUB rear I/O, extenders and bus extenders round off the classic product line. Our brand new rugged small form factor chassis system VITA 73 is the focus of our current research and development.


Our mission is to provide technically excellent design solutions to OEM’s by delivering the most cost-effective, technically advanced and reliable designs.

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Customers we serve range from Lockheed-Martin, Emerson, Raytheon, MIT Lincoln Labs, Kontron, Rockwell Collins, Boeing, LeCroy, and NASA Orlando in the USA, Rheinmetal Defense, EADS and Forschungzentrum Jülich in Germany. Aitech, ELTA Israel Aircraft and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in Israel as well as HAL in India. And many more.