VPX Power Supplies  VITA62, VITA62.1, VITA62.2,VITA48.8

Design service for cPCI, VME, power supplies 

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Conduction and Air cooled Power Supplies Overview

Solid State Power Controllers


  • PCI_800 915-- Power Distribution Unit 28VDC _8 channel (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800 916-- Power Distribution Unit 100VDC (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800 917-- Power Distribution Unit 70 VDC (Datasheet)
  • PCI_800 918-- Power Distribution Unit 28 VDC (Datasheet)

Pre-Configured Systems Overview (3U OpenVPX, VITA 73 sFF)

VPX and OpenVPX // Single slot // Lab and Deployment variants

Pre-Configured Systems Overview 3U OpenVPX, VITA 73 sFF


Chassis Overview

VPX and OpenVPX // cPCI // VITA 73 // Custom Form Factor Chassis // Conduction Cooled and Sealed Air Cooled versions depending on model.

VPX and OpenVPX cPCI VITA 73 Custom Form Factor Chassis Conduction Cooled and Sealed Air Cooled versions depending on model.


VPX Products

CPU //Storage // Carrier // Extender // PCIe Link System 

VPX Products CPU Power Supply Storage Carrier Extender PCIe Link System  /></span></span></p> <p><br /></p> <h2><a href=



CPU // Power Supplies // Virtex 7 // SSD Carrier // (A typical system is only W: 4,5” // H: 4” // D: 6”)


Rugged Routers featuring Juniper Networks LN1000 Mobile Secure Router

2 Slot VPX Router // 40 Channel Ethernet

CompactPCI Products

 Carrier // Adapter // Extender



PMC Test Extender