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Introducing the 3U VPX RL Thermal Load Simulation Module

  • Can be configured to dissipates much as 130 watts

The 3U power test module is an ideal solution for evaluating heat dissipation in a rugged conduction cooled VPX cage or chassis. This card is a thermal load in the chassis to evaluate the heat dissipation. The chassis can be monitored with temp sensing probes and or FLIR imaging. Different wattages are selected by setting dip switches. The +5 and 3.3V loads are on the top of the module. The +12V and -12V loads are on the bottom side of the module.


Eight incremental settings are available on each power rail.

• +5.0V: 8x5 watts=40 watts max
• +3.3V: 8x5 watts=40 watts max
• +12.0V: 8x5 watts=40 watts max
• -12.0V: 8x1,5 watts =12 watts max
• +3.3Vaux 8x0,75 = 6 watts max

Combined wattage shall not exceed



  • PCI_300.600       3U VPX load simulation module

For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATASHEET or fill out the request form here.