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[SMART.PSU] Technology Overview


PCI-Systems Inc. intelligent power supplies integrate a microcontroller (MCU) for a fully programmable and flexible solution. Intelligent power conversion allows configuration and reconfiguration for different applications.

With intelligent power conversion, the power supply becomes a platform solution for many different applications. The power supply can easily be reprogrammed to support different operating limits and control inputs.


  • Digital On/Off control for low standby power
  • Power supply sequencing and hot-swap control
  • Power supply history logging and fault management
  • Monitoring output voltage, current and power
  • Current fold back control
  • Load sharing and balancing
  • Collect data from temperature sensors for over temperature protection and precision compensation of the output voltages
  • Automatic temperature compensation for all outputs
  • Total-Elapsed-Time Recorder
  • Voltage rail setting /adjustment
  • Efficiency calculations at any time
  • Communications via SMB/I2C

SMART.PSU is featured on all PCI-Systems VITA 62 (VPX) power supplies except the 200W basic model.


Values read-out screen: