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3U VPX standard DC 28V power supply

Several customized versions for VPX Vita 46 and Vita 48 are available. The Power Supply has up to 250W output capability and can also be used with CPCI, CPCIexpress and VME backplanes.

  • The standard rugged conduction cooled power supply provides up to 250 watts, 300 watts peak.
  • 14-36VDC (28VDC nominal) power input.
  • Output voltages of +/-12V, +5V and +3.3V as well as 3.3V aux are standard.
  • The same supply may be used in all available PCI-Systems Inc. backplane options.
  • Hold-up Time 5 ms after power fail signal
  • Effciency Typical 78-85%
  • Remote ON/OFF Available at [INH#] & [EN#]
  • Power Failure Signal Available at [FAL#] pin
  • Two silicon temperature sensors integrated readout with I²C bus
  • Status LED : Green LED for all voltage rails


  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP):     85°C
  • Over Current Protection (OCP):         Installed at each rail
  • Over Load Protection (OLP):              Typical 120% max. load, fully protected against output overload or short circuit.
  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP):         Built-in at all outputs



  • PCI_800.100.cPCI

For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATASHEET or fill out the request form here.