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3U cPCI to PC/104 and PC/104-Plus Carrier




The PC/104 ADAPTER is a carrier board, allowing the operation of virtually any standard slave PC/104 or PC/104-Plus card in a CompactPCI® system. The PC/104 ADAPTER acts as a PCI bridge, being electrically and mechanically a perfect interface between PC/104 and CompactPCI® . The PC/104 - Plus adapter directly connects to the PCI bus.

The PCI ADAPTER totally frees the system integrator from the need of a redesign of PC/104 cards already available. This is a great advantage, especially when time to market is critical, or the number of systems to be built is limited, or the function to be implemented has fast innovation cycles.

In order to fully comply with both, PCI and CompactPCI® specifications, the PC/104 ADAPTER is provided with a PLX PCI-ISA translator chip. By its built-in buffers, the bridge can speed up system data transfer rates significantly. Some modification of the PC/104 (ISA) driver is required. A complete reference manual is available. The PC/104-Plus adapter is a direct connect to the PCI bus and no driver software modification is required.


Key Features:

Printed Circuit Board

  • 3U Single -Size-Eurocard Front panel Width 20.32mm PC/104 bus (target or slave only) 8/16-bit I/O and memory access All interrupts selectable All I/O and memory addresses supported 4 different address range

CompactPCI Bus (external)

  • 32-Bit, 33MHz (133MB/s)
  • PCI Burst Mode
  • PCI interrupt
  • 5V Interface

Driver support

  • DOS
  • Windows

Power Supply

  • +5V (required by PCI Board only)
  • +3.3V not required
  • Vio 0.1A max
  • +12V (required by PC104 Board only)
  • -12V (required by PC104 Board only)


  • Temperature Range 0-60C
  • Relative Humidity Range 5-90% non-condensing


2 year limited warranty
A complete reference manual is available.


  • PCI_300.101       PC/104 to 3U CompactPCI Carrier
  • PCI_300.101+     PC/104-Plus to 3U CompactPCI Carrier

For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATASHEET or fill out the request form here.