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6U cPCI to PCI Adapter


The PCI-6U cPCI Adapter is a carrier board, allowing the operation of any standard (desktop) PCI card in a CompactPCI® system. The PCI-6U cPCI Adapter acts as a PCI bridge, providing an electrically and mechanically optimized interface between PCI and CompactPCI system. Our adapters include a PCI Bridge. Some competitor products do not provide a PCI bridge, thus reducing adapter costs by tolerating a violation of the PCI specs. Overall PCI compatibility however is a must in order to achieve total system reliability. Please bear these facts in mind, when comparing prices of PCI-Adapters. All modern operating systems can treat a PCI bridge in a plug and play manner meaning that the bridge remains virtually transparent, as if the PCI component(s) behind the bridge on the secondary PCI bus were part of the primary PCI bus. Using the PCI-Adapter/bridge allows standard PCI boards to work in a CompactPCI® system is both a reliable technical solution, and a smart economical decision. The PCI-Adapter frees the system integrator from the need of a redesign of PCI cards already available to the CompactPCI® standard. This is a great advantage, especially when time to market is critical, or the number of systems to be built is limited, or the function to be implemented has fast innovation cycles.

PCI to 6U CompactPCI Adapter – Slot 1 and 2 configuration:

A major goal to be reached is fastening of the PCI card on the PCI-ADAPTER carrier board in a reliable manner, withstanding mechanical shock and vibrations. There are cardholders installed that secure the PCI card against loosening in case of vibrations. PCI cards up to 160x106mm can be inserted into slot 1. Using this slot, the bracket of the PCI board is fixed directly behind the PCI-ADAPTER double width front panel. The majority of the commercially available PCI boards (e.g. graphics-, Ethernet-, SCSI-boards) can be fitted in slot 1. The PCI specification, however, defines a maximum length of 174.63mm. This size exceeds the Eurocard standard depth (160mm). Longer PCI boards therefore must use slot 2 of the PCI-ADAPTER. When using slot 2, connecting the PCI card I/O connectors to the PCI-ADAPTER front panel has to be done by means of suitable cabling sets and mounting brackets. The maximum length for cards using slot 2 is 185mm.

PCI to 6U CompactPCI Adapter – Slot 1 and 3 configuration

Optionally slot 3 can replace slot 2 and allows a 160x80mm card to be inserted. Both Slot 1 and Slot 3 can then be used simultaneously in this configuration for smaller PCI cards.

PCI to 6U CompactPCI Adapter Specifications:

  • 6U Double-Size-Eurocard (ca. 233x160mm)
  • 32-bit PCI bridge with TI 2250 (33 MHz)
  • Full plug-and-play support
  • Automatic voltage adaptation to 3.3 V / 5 V backplane V(I/O
  • Power Supply (PCI Board Power Consumption not taken into consideration)
    • +5V, 0.2A
    • Vio 0.1A max
    • +12V (required by PCI Board only)
    •  -12V (required by PCI Board only)
  • Front panel Width 40.3mm
  • Connectors: 3-fold 90 degrees, either Slot 1 and Slot 2 (Standard), or Slot 1 and Slot 3 (Optional)
  • Maximum Card Size: Slot 1 for Boards up to 160x106mm-I/O externally accessible, Slot 2 for Boards up to 185mm Length –I/O must be cabled, Slot 3 up to 160x80mm wide-I/O externally accessible
  • Specifications: PCI 2.1, 32-Bit, 33MHz (133MB/s), 3.3V or 5V Interface, PICMG 2.0 R2.1 / R3.0
  • Temperature/Humidity
    • Temperature Range 0-60C
    • Relative Humidity Range 5-90% non-condensing
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • PCI_300.115 - PCI to 6U CompactPCI Adapter w/ PCI connector 1&2
  • PCI_300.115_3 - PCI to 6U CompactPCI Adapter w/ PCI connector 1&3

For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATASHEET or fill out the request form here.