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16 Slot 3U VPX sealed air cooled chassis with






  • 14 slots + 2 power slots
  • VPX, VPXi, OpenVPX
  • Modular Backplane
  • Embedded Switching

Sealed chassis with high density cooling fins on the inner chassis, cooled by forced air from the front to the back. (ATR type cooling and sealing in 3U VPX) The fans are protected by shields.

The chassis is a OpenVPX COTS product for 3U and can be used for multiple applications by changing the switch on the backplane mezzanine to your needs.

The chassis features 16 slots total. 14 useable VPX slots and 2 power supply slots, one on each side of the chassis. This way the power units can be thermally attached to the sidewall. The chassis is chromatized on all surfaces before applying custom primary and secondary coatings. EMI is therefore minimized and can be further minimized by using SSC in the system. Repair time is very short because the outside EXOCAGE metal armor is screwed to the chassis and the chassis itself can be opened on top, the backplane assembly is removed and reinserted very quickly, no screws are used.



  • PCI_900.170.8 *Chassis, EXOCAGE, backplane w/o mezzanine, 2x 400 watt power supply and seal 14 Slot Chassis
  • PCI_900.170.8.RRIO.XX     Ruggedization Option - 3U Rugged Rear I/O assembly
    (custom – includes IP65 protection)


For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATASHEET or fill out the request form here.