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6U VPX isolated 250 to 900W power supply

The Isolated Rugged 6U Dual Phase Power Supply works with 115 VAC input voltage and isolates the input voltage ground from the output voltage ground. This standard Isolated Rugged 6U Dual Phase Power Supply is conduction cooled, uses dual phase technology on all voltage rails and can provide up to 400 watts. The power stages on this Power Supply have two output stages out of phase at frequencies up to 500 kHz to minimize the RMS ripple currents in both input and output capacitors.

  • 115 VAC / 400Hz power input
  • 1500V isolation between input / output
  • Output voltages are +/-12V, +5V and +3.3V
  • up to 400 watts, 450 watts peak


  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP):     85°C
  • Over Current Protection (OCP):         Installed at each rail
  • Over Load Protection (OLP):              Typical 120% max. load, fully protected against output overload or short circuit.
  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP):         Built-in at all outputs



  • PCI_800.120.VPX

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