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VITA 73 8 slot PCIe GEN2 Conduction Cooled Development Kit


  • One 8 Slot Chassis
  • PCIe GEN2 2 part modular backplane
  • Front Cover
  • 8 Slot Backplane
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Rear I/O D-SUB Cover
  • Express link for host PC
  • Mechanical Carriers
  • Berquist Heat Management

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The VITA 73 development kit to enables your company to „get on the train“ as early as possible. The VITA 73 draft specification 0.5 can be downloaded from the VITA website.

The chassis is NEMA 4x rated and MIL-STD 810f tested if used with MIL connectors. The standard DEV KIT is with 8 slots. Mechanical Carriers and general specs are included so you can begin design work immediately. Included is the 8-slot chassis, power supply, backplane, Rear I/O mezzanine 2 carriers in the standard “x” light-weight SATA version, and mechanical add-on carriers for other slots.

  • PCIe GEN2 2 part modular backplane 
  • PS slot on the left side
  • CPU slot on the right side
  • 4 slots with x4 lane PCIe each (designed with Gen2 PCIe "NoStub" technology)
  • 2 SATA slots
  • Rear I/O with breakout box or D-SUB connectors, Coax and optical rear I/O information upon request.
  • The chassis is manufactured from aluminum to guarantee maximum ruggedness at minimum weight.
  • Power dissipation of the installed boards and power supply is by conduction cooling through the walls of the chassis.
  • The chassis can be mounted to cold plate. Future versions "Air Ray Chassis" will allow fan cooling via ducts that are mounted around the sealed CC chassis.
  • Boards are “clamped” in place with Berquist heat management strips to insure excellent heat conduction to the chassis and at the same time provides innovative vibration control.


Shown below are our duct type sealed air cooled chassis micro.ATR for VITA 73. Both are 8 slot. The silver one attaches to the cold air duct of a vehicle or aircraft, the yellow one features a fan type setup for standalone applications.



Ordering: PCI_400.200.DevKit -- VITA 73 Development Kit with backplane and power supply 

For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATA SHEET or fill out the request form here.