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3U VITA 62 VPX 650W 28VDC (14-40V) Isolated Conduction Cooled Power Supply


  • 14 – 40V Continuous Input Voltage
  • 1500V Isolation Between Input /Output
  • Active Input EMI Filtering
  • Transient cut-off technology
  • 6 Voltage output Rails     
  • 700W Maximum Power
  • 92% Typical Efficiency
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature
  • VITA 62 3U Form Factor
  • Patent pending FourRail thermal interface Technology
  • High MTBF value  
  • Planar transformer  with MTBF 26,315,789 hours, calculated per Telcordia SR-332


This 3U power supply works with 14 to 40 VDC (28VDC nominal) input voltage and isolates the input voltage ground from the output voltage ground. The power supply is conduction cooled, uses poly-phase technology on all voltage rails and can provide up to 700watts. It is suitable for use in mission critical rugged applications.


  • Digital On/Off control for low standby power
  • Spread Spectrum Clocking of power supply stages
  • Possibility of external synchronization
  • Power supply sequencing
  • Current fold back control
  • Automatic temperature drift compensation for all outputs
  • Communication via SMB/I2C (PMB) of all four temperature sensors
  • Precision compensation of all output voltages over temperature range



  • PCI_800.106 -- 3U VITA 62 28VDC 650W Conduction Cooled Isolated Rugged Power Supply
  • PCI_800.106.AIR -- 3U VITA 62 28VDC 650W Air- Cooled Isolated Rugged Power Supply
  • PCI_800.106_C -- Version with Conformal Coating


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