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Mission Computer: COMe VITA 59 VPX General Purpose CPU (1 or 2 slot)

Our smallest and most cost friendly single purpose unit. Deployable anywhere a rugged CPU and/or Ethernet switch is needed. Ruggedized and sealed to IP65. These units can use void fillers and GORE brand vents depending on the deployment environment.Mission Computer: COMe VITA 59 VPX General Purpose CPU (1 or 2 slot)VPX Chassis VITA 59


  • Power Supply up to 500W - 28VDC
  • 3U VPX COMe VITA 59 carrier
  • Customer choice of low cost to highly rugged COMe VITA 59 modules
  • I/O opposite cold plate
  • Various pre-configured full feature I/O

All signals interface with the real world at the top cover of the unit. The unit features an on/off switch, status LEDs and various I/O using circular MIL-DTL-38999 connectors.


For further technical specifications / pin-out tables (eICD) please ask your representative or fill out the request form here.

ANSI/VITA 59 RSE Rugged System-On-Module ExpressANSI/VITA 59 RSE Rugged System-On-Module Express

ESMexpress is a very compact computer-on-module (COM) standard. Apart from a CPU component, every module also includes memory and a range of serial communication interfaces such as PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, SATA, SDVO, LVDS and HD audio.

The most important specialty of this computer-on-module is its surrounding mechanical concept, which was designed for especially severe environmental conditions, for example in railway or avionics, or in the automation industry. The large temperature ranges prevalent in such fields of use are met by the modules through a cooling concept that does not need a fan for the CPU: the computer board is embedded into an aluminum frame and cover that can lead the heat off the processor by conduction cooling. At the same time this mechanical set-up provides stability to withstand vibration, but also electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

For companies that need robust electronic products, both the reduction of development times and a long-term availability of more than 10 or 15 years are significant factors for a new computer-on-module standard like ESMexpress. While being a new concept, ESMexpress provides some compatibility with the existing, popular COM Express.