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Flight Test Successful!


In this project we supplied the cPCI chassis, backplane, PSU, rear I/O and 3U XMC carrier boards.
  • Fiber Optic Bus Wavelength Divison Multiplexing
  • 160Gbit/s per module
  • Using only one fiber
  • 70 separate independent networks



VITA 73 CPU modules ready to go!

The VITA 73 Rugged Small Form Factor Standard is quite small, typical system is only W: 4,5” // H: 4” // D: 6” .  PCI-Systems Inc. now features a complete line of CPU modules for VITA 73, as well as a SSD SATA III module, frame grabber module, powersupply and a full feature development chassis kit.

More information about VITA can be found at their website.


PCI-Systems Inc. introduces SATA III SSD 6Gb/s

As well a new “secure.destroy“ technology in the SSD lineup. Ask us for the presentation.

PCI-Systems SandStorm™ SSDs enable standard flash memory to reliably operate in storage applications. Its innovative technology addresses the very complex limitations of NAND Flash memory to greatly extend the endurance and overall reliability of SSDs with maximized read and write performance.

  • Extended endurance technology
  • Block Management & Wear Leveling
  • Best-in-Class ECC (512 BHC)

Host Interface: SATA 3 Compatible, 6Gb/s
Max Capacity Supported: 512GB SLC MLC, 256GB SLC + 2TB MLC RAID, 1TB SLC RAID
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The first VITA 73 prototypes PCBs are here!

Power heat simulator and Q7 modules as well as the extender card for VITA 73.

PCI-Systems Inc. is proud to bring the first real life prototypes to our PCB poulator after extensive simulation and mechanical prototyping to the VITA 73 table.

After finishing the mechanical prototypes, the PCB population is under way. PCI-Systems Inc. will then verify the mechanical ICD and finish the backplane prototype. Work on the preliminary specification is continuing. Stay tuned for more of the new smallest rugged form factor from PCI-Systems Inc. and working group members. You can find the working group at

Read more about the VITA 73 effort here!


PCI Systems selected for editors choice award!

Chris A. Ciufo has chosen the VPX extender product from PCI-Systems.

"Routing all I/O off the Backplane of a conduction-cooled board is well and good at the deployment stage, but it can be a nightmare during development. PCI-SYSTEMS, the company always innovating something new for VME and its ecosystem, has come up with a set of PCIe cables for OpenVPX. But not just any OpenVPX board: for a conduction-cooled OpenVPX board. Designed to simplify high-speed connectivity to conduction-cooled systems, the cable and companion boards  bridge an OpenVPX system to a standard convection-cooled PCIe system." By Chris A. Ciufo


PCI-Systems Inc. wins in the embedded market! 

PCI-Systems Inc. has secured a major win in Israel in the embedded marketplace proposing a 3U OpenVPX system. PCI-Systems will deliver more than 50 3U VPX systems to a major Israeli defense company.

This contract is not only a win, but also an honor that recognizes PCI-Systems accomplishments and vision both technologically and societal. We are proud to have been chosen to supply OpenVPX systems to this company. The win is due to the technological advantages we presented, and possibly because we put best engineering practices before politics.

Technology that keeps the world safe must be on the innovative technological edge, not only for our fighting forces, but also for our allies and friends in Israel. PCI-Systems Inc. delivers just that, the edge, and our 3U chassis looks good doing it.

Thank you to our representative Dan-el Technologies Ltd. for their excellent support, they are a big part of this win!

Read more about our field protection cage, a part of the proposal, here!




Desert Gecko Exo Cage for all chassis variants!

Fully protection and field portability!

As shown on our home page, the Desert Gecko Exo Cage features extra protection, stackability, field carrying handles and ensures airflow in the event something is placed on top of the chassis.

It also features rails on the front for attaching extras like keyboards and other input devices, and rugged TFT monitor/s.

Read more about it in the products section here!



Published article about our new fully ruggedized 2.5 inch SATA SSDs! mentions our new 2TB SSD

2-Tbyte 2.5-in. SATA SSD is rugged! The PCI-Systems Inc. 256, 512-, 1,024-, and 2,048-Gbyte 2.5-in. conduction-cooled solid-state drives feature 40-g shock and 16-g vibration tolerance and –40° to 85°C operation. The (modules) have up to 3-Gbyte/s speeds and a SATA II interface.

Read more about it in the original article here!


Shootout At The VPX Corral

By: William Wong - Electronic Design

Size is relative. But almost all aspects of military electronic technologies are looking to get smaller, lighter, and more power efficient as well as faster and smarter. The 6U and 3U form factors used by VME systems for decades remain the form factor for standards such as VPX, VXS, and CompactPCI.

> Read more in the original article

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