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High Speed Data Acquisition 6-Slot

All systems can be set up in two types of aluminum chassis. These are the conduction cooled rugged 3U VPX chassis “Crosswind 600” and “Desert Gecko” . Ruggedized and sealed to IP65. These units can use void fillers and GORE brand vents depending on the deployment environment.

High Speed Data Acquisition 6-Slot VPX Desert Gecko ChassisHigh Speed Data Acquisition 6-Slot VPX Crosswind 600 Chassis

  • PCIe Gen.3 x16 per slot, 2x8 possible
  • COAX rear I/O
  • High speed data recording
  • Gen.3 PCIe Switch on backplane mezzanine

The system slots are populated with 3U conduction cooled VPX cards. These are populated with a Intel I7 CPU module, a power supply module [SMART.PSU] Technology explained <- Click here, 2 RAID SSD modules and 2 customer choice/supplied PMC/XMC DSP modules.

The backplane, mezzanine and rear I/O carry signals at GEN 3 PCIe speeds and feature COAX routing to the front of the DSP cards. Of course the system can be built up using DAC cards instead of ADC cards, or any combination thereof. All slots are PCIe Gen.3 two x8, which can be combined to x16 if needed.

All signals interface with the real world at the front cover of the unit. The unit features an on/off switch, status LEDs and various I/O using circular MIL-DTL-38999 connectors.

J1=main power input
J2=external switch interface for power enable
J4=other ports from CPU grouped together
J5=input channels 1-4
J6=input channels 5-8
Power ON/OFF=S1

Block diagram: Very High Speed / High Speed Data Acquisition System

PCIe Gen 3 "noStub" routing is used throughout the system to maximize data throughput. Inter-slot high speed communication connections are done on this mezzanine PCB. It is possible to use a Gb Ethernet switch and a serial Rapid I/O switch on this mezzanine, if needed. On this mezzanine card a 3D shock sensor IC is integrated and the values can be read over a I2C bus which is connected to pin outs as per VITA 46 specification.

PCI-Systems is using an unique approach to save valuable slots by using a mezzanine PCB parallel to the backplane. On this mezzanine, all needed switches are placed. For instance PCIe Gen3, Rapid I/O, 10Gb Ethernet. Usually those switches occupy up to 3 valuable slots on the backplane and Gen3 routing is basically not possible because of crosstalk, stubs and losses, using the primary backplane. Also specific interconnections between backplane slots are done on the mezzanine PCB.  A very important point is that the high speed switches are located in the middle of the backplane mezzanine PCB, assuring the shortest possible connections to all VPX slots.




For further technical specifications / pin-out tables (eICD) please ask your representative or fill out the request form here.