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VITA 73 1-2-4 Ch A/D, 10-Bit, 5-2.5-1.25 FMC-HRCC Mezzanine Module



  • ADC with Quad – Dual – Single 10-Bit Channel Operation
  • Parallel LVDS DDR data output, up to 1.25Gsps 
  • Connects to FPGA via FMC-HRCC interslot connection / 400 pins




The Quad ADC integrates four 10-bit ADC cores which can operate independently (4-channel mode) or grouped by 2 cores (2-channel mode with the ADCs interleaved two by two or 1-channel mode where all four ADCs are all interleaved).

All four ADCs are clocked by the same external input clock signal and controlled via an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface). An analog multiplexer (Cross point Switch) is used to select the analog input depending on the mode the Quad ADC is used. Suitable for various applications:

  • Ultra Wideband Satellite Digital Receiver
  • Aerospace and test measurement instruments
  • Direct RF Down Conversion

All  VITA 73 modules are designed to meet the intent of the following:

  • Extended temperature range
  • MIL 810G
  • MIL-STD-461E EMI, Ground CS101 and CE10



  • PCI_400.430 – VITA 73 1-2-4 Ch A/D,  10-bit,  5-2.5-1.25 GSPS

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