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VITA 73 8 slot PCIe GEN2 Conduction Cooled Systems

Standard configuration includes:

  • One 8 Slot Chassis
  • PCIe GEN2 2 part modular backplane
  • 8 Slot Backplane
  • Power Supply
  • Your choice of standard I/O sets or custom designed I/O

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The chassis is NEMA 4x rated and built to meet the intent of MIL-STD 810f. It features MIL connectors, your choice of PCI-Systems Inc. standard I/O profile sets, a GORE brand vent and comes in 2 different, application specific backplane profiles.

  • PCIe GEN2 2 part modular backplane 
  • PS slot on the left side
  • CPU slot on the right side
  • 4 slots with x4 lane PCIe each (designed with Gen2 PCIe "NoStub" technology)
  • 2 SATA slots
  • Rear I/O with MIL spec circular connectors. Coax and optical rear I/O information upon request.
  • The chassis is manufactured from aluminum to guarantee maximum ruggedness at minimum weight.
  • Power dissipation of the installed boards and power supply is by conduction cooling through the walls of the chassis.
  • The chassis can be mounted to cold plate.
  • Boards are “clamped” in place with Berquist heat management strips to insure excellent heat conduction to the chassis and at the same time provides innovative vibration control.
  • All CPUs PCI Systems is building have a dedicated 100MHz PCIe clock which can be switched by software to SSC mode.

PCIe Gen 2 "noStub" routing is used throughout the system to maximize data throughput. Inter slot high speed communication connections are done on this mezzanine PCB.

It is possible to use a Gb Ethernet switch and a serial Rapid I/O switch on this mezzanine, if needed. On this mezzanine card a 3D shock sensor IC is integrated and the values can be read over a I2C bus which is connected to pin outs.

The PCIe Gen 2 switch used is the latest generation of switches that feature the possibility of checking bus behavior by displaying an eye diagram for each lane in the PCIe Gen2 system. This adds a major safety to a system because the different lanes can be analyzed without using an interposer and a bus analyzer. The individual ports of the switch can be programmed to be transparent or non-transparent.

PCI-Systems is using an unique approach to save valuable plug in slots by using the rear I/O PCB parallel to the backplane. On this PCB, all kinds of switches are placed Usually those switches occupy up to 3 valuable slots on the backplane and Gen2 routing is basically not possible because of crosstalk, stubs and losses, using the primary backplane. Also available custom interconnections between backplane slots are done on this PCB.

A very important point is that the high speed switches are located at MID PLANE of the REAR I/O PCB, assuring the shortest possible connections to all slots.


Ordering: PCI_400.200 -- VITA 73 Chassis with backplane and power supply 

For technical specifications please ask your representative for the DATA SHEET or fill out the request form here.