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VITA 73 8 slot CPU / 8 Channel Serial Lab versions

The VITA 73 Development Kit is a product that enables a user to test and trial VITA 73 cards in a lab environment.

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Main chassis features:

  • 5.0 GT/s 24-lane, 6-port PCIe Gen2 Switch
  • All peripheral slots and CPU slot has PCIe interface Gen2 with x4 width
  • 10, 100 MHz clock at each peripheral slot
  • 1 PPS clock at each peripheral slot
  • GPS module, navigate down to -162 dBm and -148 dBm coldstart
  • MEMS Digital Motion Sensor with ±6g/±12g/±24g dynamically selectable fullscale, 6D orientation detection
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Delivered in the following configuration:


VITA 73 8 slot “micro.ATR” sealed aircooled chassis


microVPX Power Supply 170W-28V in


VITA 73 AMD Fusion T40  Processor


SSD Carrier single slot


microVPX 8-channel Serial


PCIe Gen 2 "noStub" routing is used throughout the system to maximize data throughput. Inter slot high speed communication connections are done on this mezzanine PCB.

PCI-Systems is using an unique approach to save valuable plug in slots by using the rear I/O PCB parallel to the backplane. On this PCB, all kinds of switches are placed Usually those switches occupy up to 3 valuable slots on the backplane and Gen2 routing is basically not possible because of crosstalk, stubs and losses, using the primary backplane. Also available custom interconnections between backplane slots are done on this PCB.

A very important point is that the high speed switches are located at MID PLANE of the REAR I/O PCB, assuring the shortest possible connections to all slots.


Ordering: PCI_400.925 -- VITA 73 Chassis with backplane and power supply 

For technical specifications please ask your representative for the MANUAL or fill out the request form here.