AMMT - Active Modular Backplane Mezzanine Technology

PCI-Systems Inc. forward looking Active Modular Backplane Mezzanine Technology (AMMT) (PATENT PENDING) for very high speed interslot communication is currently being deployed in various 3U VPX projects. 

The technology is paramount in future techologies clustered around the VPX ( standard, and is being used in current VPX designs from PCI-Systems Inc.

A passive backplane, with an active piggyback mezzanine facilitates the use of in-chip backplane profile configurating and very high speed interslot communication with large signal count.



  • x16 / x32 PCIe GEN3 interslot communication
  • No more space limitations for routing of many signals in a small form factor
  • On backplane processing
  • On backplane slot configuration using crosspoint switch


Please ask your representative or PCI-Systems Inc for the presentation!

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