Crosswind 600 Chassis used in F-18 aircraft for automated carrier landing system demonstrator

Based on the CrossWind 600 cold plate ATR chassis, the system uses a PCIe Gen2 bus structure with STAR topology. Intel based i7 boards and Freescale 4080 PowerPC boards are controlling MILbus, ARINC and serial I/O boards. An integrated 16 channel Gigabit Ethernet switch is connected to several slots and to the rear I/O on MIL connectors.

High speed data transfers on PCIe Gen 2 and Gen 3 switch fabric in a STAR configuration offer the lowest latency by tightly coupling all PCIe devices to a common 100MHz reference clock. It allows CPU and peripheral boards to communicate with the fastest data rate.

The lightweight 3U VPX chassis are used in demonstrating automated aircraft carrier landings with F18 fighter aircraft. 

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